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The best hardcore bodybuilding supplements with REAL dosages at the effective amounts all with an addictive amazing taste!

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Watch Your Boy!


Customer Love...

"Just took my first dosage last night. "Wow" is all I have to say! Before Spazmatic, the pre workout I took was Pre-Jym. When I was on it, I often took longer breaks in between sets and got distracted by things such as text messages, girls in the gym, and my inner thoughts. While on Spazmatic, I was able to focus a lot more on my lifts and the technique of the exercise. I took smaller breaks in between sets and was the most focused I've ever been! Not only that, but the pump was amazing! I turned so many heads and a lot of the regulars at my gym complimented me on my pump. This is revolutionary! Thank you, Tim!"

-Tim Sharpley 

"Tim what can I say I'm absolutely blown away from your product I only took half a scoop in the morning when I got to the gym this morning nothing happened at the first start of my workout I was confused especially being in a fasted state. Then all of a sudden I snapped and had laser focus all I wanted to do is push and keep going the blood flow was crazy I saw where exactly I was targeting. I just wanted to thank you so much for such an incredible product I will continue to buy your products. Never had such a pump I can only imagine when I take a full scoop.

-Peter Solis

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