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Full Disclosure vs Proprietary Blends

Updated: Mar 8, 2018

Someone recently asked me why there is a such a vigilante against bodybuilding supplements with Proprietary Blends. He seemed shocked and perplexed that people would be so concerned. He said that Full Disclosure bodybuilding supplements take the creativity out of the supplement market. Hate to say it but....I don't see that. To answer his question, I told him that their really is no good reason to to have a prop blend unless you are TRULY trying to hide your formula to avoid duplication. I also mentioned though that I hardly think that is the case and I feel it is more of bodybuilding supplement companies putting in dosages that don't work to save money. I also stressed that people are getting wise and want to know what the heck they are putting in their body!

I will be honest though......I see why companies do it. They make the product for $4.00 and make huge margins on it. All that money they make from selling a low-cost-to-make item allows them to sell it to the stores cheap, allows them to do more marketing, and puts more money in their pocket for more SKUs. Let's be works! People are buying up these crap bodybuilding supplements and preworkouts because they have seen it in the stores and seen all the marketing!

In closing, the sad part is that these people are buying junk and caffeine is probably the only ingredient that is working for them. Well for those that want value, want dosages that work on all levels i.e. pumps, energy, focus, and strength, and want the true preworkout experience; choose the spend the extra couple dollars to buy full disclosure preworkouts. These customers are missing out and bought into the hype and marketing.

Nuff said

-Tim Muriello

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