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#GYMCRUSH contains a high dose of 4 Human Grade Pheromones that are scientifically proven to invoke sexual arousal and desire in women and strongly appeals to their sexual receptors.


When women smell #GYMCRUSH, whether up close or across the room, many things happen:

  • Captures and retains their attention- gravitating to you. 
  • They become very comfortable and relaxed talking to you.
  • Have feelings of generosity towards you.
  • Their sexual receptors are activated.
  • They become clingy and crave your presence.
  • They view you as more masculine and alpha. 


When men wear #GYMCRUSH and smell it on themselves they:

  • Have automatic feelings of masculinity and alpha mentality.
  • Confidence and control when talking to women.
  • Confidence and alpha-mode in social settings.
  • Raises interest in talking to women. 


#GYMCRUSH Pheromone Cologne has a very appealing scent to women that is modern and long lasting. Not too strong and not too weak. 

(Smells close to Invictus Intense)


4 Powerful and Concentrated Human Grade Pheromones:

  • Androstenone
  • Androstenol 
  • Androsterone 
  • Androstadienone 


Women need you to be comfortable and confident around them, and they need to feel comfortable around you. Get the edge you need by provoking sexual interest and making her super comfortable talking to you. Capture and keep the attention of your very own #GYMCRUSH.




External use only


Net. 15ml/ .51 fl oz




#GYMCRUSH Pheromone Cologne

SKU: 040232378560
  • This product and these statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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