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  • 💪 Perfect Wrist Wraps for Breaking New PRs and Competition Use
  • 💪 Specifically Designed For Very Heavy Lifts and Setting Records..
  • 💪 Durable Industrial Grade Velcro and Stitching.
  • 💪 Thick and Sturdy, Non-Flimsy & Comfortable Design.
  • 💪 Protection, Support, and Assistance for Wrists and Surrounding Muscles.


Spazmatic Brand Accessory

Signature and authentic Spazmatic brand accessory made durable and built to last for years to come. Unique raised rubber logo with official Spazmatic logo. Industrial and professional grade Velcro and a reinforced thumb loop.


Made by a Hardcore Lifter for Hardcore Lifters

Tim Muriello, long time fitness influencer and hardcore bodybuilder wanted to make awesome looking wrist wraps that had the serious lifter in mind. When you buy wraps elsewhere, you have no clue if the owner actually lifts! Tim Muriello uses these wraps and wants his customers to know what it truly feels like to use wraps that feel crazy snug and sturdy, and that make a big impact on your lifting.


Built Tough for Heavy Lifting

These wraps are specifically designed for HEAVY LIFTING. They are heavy duty, industrial grade, and tough wraps ideal for powerlifting competitions, bench presses, shoulder presses, or any where strong wrist support is needed.

Spazmatic Heavy Duty Wrist Wraps

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