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  • 💪 Non-Neoprene Padding for Tighter Grips and No Slippage
  • 💪 Industrial Grade Cotton That Will Not Break, Rip, or Fail
  • 💪 Wrist Straps Designed to Break Deadlifting PRs
  • 💪 Constructed for Heavy Weightlifting
  • 💪 Ideal for 1 Rep Max Lifting and Powerlifting
  • 💪 Wrist Straps Without Neoprene Allows Hands Closer to Bar
  • 💪 Perfect for Bodybuilding, Powerlifting, Crossfit, and Strongman


FINALLY...Wrist Straps with NO Rubber Padding!

Wrist straps with no padding have become hard to find!

These Spazmatic signature red wrist straps were PURPOSELY made to have NO RUBBER PADDING. Real lifters know...rubber padding on wrist straps prevents a tight grip AND gets slippery when sweaty. These wrist straps allow your hand to get closer to the bar for a tighter and more secure grip - that won't slip!



These are industrial grade wrist straps designed for HEAVY weight without slipping or snapping. Built to last for years to come with a extremely durable hold! Specifically designed for super heavy deadlifting, shrugs, barbell rows and anywhere else a super tight and secure grip is needed!


Spazmatic Signature Accessory

Authentic Spazmatic signature red wrist straps with a bright red color with the official Spazmatic brand logo. Made by hardcore lifter and Fitness Influencer, Tim Muriello; made by a hardcore bodybuilder for hardcore bodybuilders. Wrist straps that will greatly assist your grip for even the heaviest of weight!

Spazmatic Wrist Straps

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